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Posted by cocktaildresses on 2007.06.20 at 11:42
huge update! anthropologie, true religion, h&m, vintage! everything is make-an-offer!

Posted by teawithfrodo on 2006.10.23 at 19:22
TJ Maxx is so my bitch

I have the skills when it comes to this store (and Marshalls as well)

I managed to snag:
a BCBG hand bag for $20 on clearance (Original price of $100)
a red BCBG hoodie for $29.99 (Original price of $160)
and a pair of tan Guess by Marciano Cowboy boots (suede) for $39.99 (Original price not listed. tag said compare at $75...but I've seen Guess boots like these for as much as $175)...ok, I was wrong, found this on Ebay...which is exactly what I got (just in a smaller size) and claims they are worth $225.


Total price even after tax was under $95
Which isn't bad considering the 3 designer items.

I've been looking for some spiffy cowboy boots for a while. The bag just snuck up on me, but it was too good to give up.

short hair
Posted by teawithfrodo on 2006.08.17 at 17:35
TJ Maxx and Marshalls are my friendsCollapse )

short hair
Posted by teawithfrodo on 2006.08.01 at 13:54
selling some of my shoes on Ebay if anyone is interested.
The reserve price is only $4...


Size 7 and 7.5
I have 2 other pairs of Merona's to sell, but I wanted to see if people were interested in these

Posted by cocktaildresses on 2006.07.14 at 13:05
absolute last chance for the items in my journal! if they're not bought by the end of this weekend, they're going to ebay or goodwill. balenciaga knockoff, h&m, gap, vintage dresses and accessories, burt's bees, etc etc etc! so much great stuff, prices are negotiable, check it out! thanks.


Posted by cocktaildresses on 2006.06.26 at 20:47
newly updated!! h&m, vintage, GAP, balenciaga knockoff, dresses, band stuff, burt's bees, awesome awesome items! i could use $40 in my bank account ASAP so feel free to haggle on prices and maybe you'll find something you like! check it out.


anybody need a formal gown?Collapse )

short hair
Posted by teawithfrodo on 2005.09.01 at 15:54
Hi, I'm new

Your personal style in three words:funky,gothy,chic
Biggest Splurge:myturquoise Coach bag
Item(s) you can't bring yourself to splurge on:A Dooney & Burke bag
Average clothing budget per month:depends on the month, usuallt between $20 and $150 depending on the time of year
Best bargain of the past year: Oo, One I just made at TJ Maxx, a BCBG hoodie for $29.99 (it normally retails for $165)
Three high end items you're currently dying for: nothing I'm really dying for, although I do miss living in NYC

Posted by trishdish on 2005.08.30 at 16:33
Current Psychosis: excitedexcited
I am so ridiculously excited to play in this community. The Look for Less, What Not To Wear (Both US and British), and How Do I Look? are some of my favorite shows. I am an avid In-Style, Lucky and occasional W reader. For the past couple of days (before I knew about this community) I had been posting what I was wearing "toes to top" in my own journal. When I do that now I will try to estimate prices and remember where I bought things.

Here is my little survey

Name: Tricia
Age: 34
Your personal style in three words: Flamboyant, Colorful, Quirky
Biggest Splurge: hmmmmmmm I seldom really splurge. I am trying to think of what splurgy things I have in my closet. It might be my INC. coat from Macy's last year. Lavendar with 3/4 length sleeves and a round collar. Also my boyfriend bought me a beautiful Kate Spade bag for Valentine's day.
Item(s) you can't bring yourself to splurge on: Pretty much everything but specifically dresses since they get worn so rarely.
Average clothing budget per month: I have a great budget. I probably spend between 3k and 4k a year on clothes and jewelry.
Best bargain of the past year: Of the year not sure, but of the week? These shoes BRAND NEW for $20. http://www.zappos.com/n/p/dp/4002152/c/19.html
Three high end items you're currently dying for: Real turquoise chandelier earrings, Wedge-heel knee high boots, tiffany bean necklace (for every day wear) (and I have to add a 4th) Baume & Mercier or Chopard watch

danger girl

a call to arms...or something.

Posted by i_depart_as_air on 2005.08.29 at 22:30
okay folks! we've had a couple more people trickle in over the past few days, i'm sorry i haven't greeted you all individually.
to you new folks, well actually, to all of you: post! you don't just have to post intros, ask questions, post pictures of things you have and love, things you want, just post! and tell your friends too. :)

IMPORTANT: i need a co-mod. somebody in charge of promotions and dealing with things when i'm busy/out of town. i want this community to continue growing. if you're interested, please please comment!

now on to business. i had one entry last week for the challenge. a good entry, but unfortunately one entry does not a challenge make.
this weeks challenge outfit:

your job is to reproduce this look to the best of your abilities for under the equivalent of $200 USD. you may do this by snagging images off the internet, taking pictures of items in the store, or even items from your own closet. when you take the picture, please take note of where the item is from and its cost. if you aren't aware of the exact cost, approximate it to the best of your abilities.
when you have your outfit, email it to the address posted in the community userinfo, with all the required information and your username. i'll pick my favorite three submissions, and in one week's time i will create a poll with all the outfits and the community members will vote on it. whoever wins will get PAID TIME! whoo!

okay, and in i need your assistance news:
i am in love with
these bootsCollapse )
but i know i won't be in love with them in a year. any suggestions on reasonable replicas that cost considerably less than the 170 or so these are going for?

and again, if you have any interest at all in co-modding, let me know pleaaase.

June 07


Posted by devilishbelle on 2005.08.28 at 22:42
Name: Kim
Age: 34
Your personal style in three words: rockin' soccer mom
Biggest Splurge: 20 eye black doc martens
Item(s) you can't bring yourself to splurge on: any 'of-the-moment' items: purses, tees, trendy shoes, costume jewelry, etc
Average clothing budget per month: less than $30
Best bargain of the past year: black newsboy cap with rhinestone accent for $3.48
Three high end items you're currently dying for: Well, I'm not really dying for any high end items...mostly everything I see on celebs and in fashion magazines I can find a replica of for dirt cheap. But I'll try...

Old Gringo Turquoise Cowboy Boots
A properly fitting bra
Peter Grimm Distressed Black Drifter w/Skull

Well, they may not all be 'high-end', but those are still probably the most I'd be willing to pay for those items. Except for the boots.....I'll never be able to splurge like that again!

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